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Body Waxing Services
We take several measures to ensure that your body waxing experience
will not be a painful one.

We start by disinfecting, then generously applying powder to the area to
be waxed. The powder allows minimal pulling on the delicate areas of
the skin and makes your waxing experience as pleasant as possible.

Most body waxing facilities use honey wax because it is inexpensive and
easy to find in beauty supply stores. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more
painful waxes on the market and a honey wax warmer does not have a
temperature gauge, making it next to impossible to regulate the temperature
of the wax.

Our wax is a lavender rosin wax which leaves even the most delicate skin
feeling smooth and clean. Our wax warmers all have self-regulating temperature
gauges which are vital to prevent burns or unnecessary irritations.

We are confident that you will feel comfortable and relaxed with our professional staff.

Celebrity Brows specializes in the art and service of waxing...come discover why!
We offer the following Body Waxing Services:
Full Arm $25 + up
Underarms $18
Half Leg $25
Full Back $30 + up
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